HazMAT – Oil Spill Recovery etc.
Despite all of our best efforts hazardous material spills do occur from time to time. MarineLube and its personnel are HazWOper certified. MarineLube vesels are equipped with oil containment booms and recovery pumps. We offer our "24/7 Ready Response" service to Marinas on a _ hour response, 1 Hour response or incident by incident call up. Our "Ready Response" capability assures Marina Operators that should a spill occur in the Marina we will be on station within the contracted time frame and that we will be equipped to "manage the event" from containment to rapid removal. In most cases our incident fees will be covered by your insurance. Generally we charge a monthly subscription fee for our ‘Ready Response’ service which obligates us to be on station within a certain time frame to respond to a HazMat event. As part of this we generally will pre-station certain materials and storage drums to facilitate rapid deployment. Please call us at (408) 848 – 8797 to discuss your needs.