Bilge Steam Cleaning
The old saying "what goes up…. must come down" also applies to the average boat bilge. What goes in the boat including: food waste, dirt, cleaning chemicals/solvents, human waste, bacteria, oil, suspended metals, acids, alkaloids etc etc – end up in the modern day bilge. The bilge, unless properly cleaned and maintained can contribute to a poor "in the boat" environment as many of these substances are gaseous at temperature and can pollute the air inside the boat cabin so: It’s a good idea to periodically steam clean the bilge to completely remove all waste and offending chemicals and germs. We are a "Green Boating" company and will properly suck out your bilge and high temperature steam clean it to kill all possible germs residing therein. Cleaning the bilge in this way not only protects our environment, because you won’t be pumping noxious fluids overboard but also because we properly dispose of the waste we collect for correct treatment at a licensed facility.