Transmission Fluid Change
Changing the transmission fluid is another critical area of boat drive train maintenance that frequently is somewhat neglected. We often find discolored, burnt smelling fluid which tells of too infrequent change out. It can also tell us that the transmission or heat exchanger is failing (overheating) and needs service. Tremendous strain is placed on the clutch packs and associated parts when going into gear at higher than idle RPM. Too fast shifting and shifting at above idle RPM are the most common causes of transmission failure! Like the engine(s), the transmission fluid, over time will build up both chemicals, will break down from heat and will become laced with suspended metal from friction induced wear at metal to metal points of contact. We recommend changing the transmission fluid at the same time that you change the engine oil. Using the same process for replacing the engine oil we suction out the old fluid on a meter, then pump in fresh fluid to the recommended level. We remove the used fluids for proper disposal for which we are certified.